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FLASH SALE 20% Off Use Code “PAYDAY20”

To adjust the start point · With the crown fully seated (Position 1) · Press button 4 so that the seconds hand is moving · Press button 5 so that it resets to the wrong value · Pull the crown out all the way (Position 3), while the seconds hand is stopped · Press button 4 to advance the second hand’s starting position by 1 second until desired starting position is reached · Push the crown all the way back (Position 1) in when desired starting position is reached · Press button 4 to restart the seconds hand, then wait a few seconds · Press button 5 to check that it now resets to the correct point

Our Quartz and Chronograph watches all use Miyota movements, this is a Japanese automatic wristwatch movement that is used in many high-end watches. Miyota is a specialized wristwatch movement company that is part of the Citizen group of companies.

Yes, all our watches are water resistant to at least 3 ATM (equivalent to 30M in still water). It is important to note that our watches are not waterproof. They are designed to withstand a brief submersion, sweat or exposure to rain.
We do not recommend swimming or bathing with our watches, pressures vastly exceeding 3ATM will be generated from the movement of your hand in the water. For this reason we do not cover water damage under warranty.

On a chronograph the seconds hand is usually the small lower or rightmost dial, and the hand that would be a seconds hand on a normal watch is actually the second timer hand for the chronograph function.
If you would like it to be in motion, pressing the top button on the side of the watch will start the seconds hand, which will run for 24 hours. Being able to stop the seconds hand on a Chronograph is normal and you will find that almost all chronographs function in this manner.

We use a high quality 316L stainless steel for all our watches and metal straps. This is widely used in pharmaceutical and medical devices and is prised for it’s highly corrosion resistant and non-reactive properties.
Our leather watch straps and wallets are all made from 100% genuine leather with 316L stainless clasps and pins.

We can only change orders which have not yet shipped. We can only change orders which have not yet shipped. Please email us hello@tayroc.co.za if you need to make any changes to an order and we will be happy to help as long as the order has not shipped already..

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